A Great "Knight" at Surrey Council No 64

The Council had the honour of an official visit from the District Grand Prefect on his "retirement tour". Once the District team had entered the Council, a Knight of Constantinople ceremony was performed for two recently admitted brethren, Norman Jones and Barry Thomas. W Bro Mike Neville later explained that this degree was first recorded as being performed in America - the message of "all men being equal" fitting with the ideas of the Founding Fathers of the United States.

A Great Knight

The District Grand Prefect, Raymond Hussey, then presented a Grand Council certificate to Bro Steve Jones, explaining the origins of the Order of the Allied Masonic Degrees. To mark the future retirement of the District Grand Prefect, the Council presented him with a cheque for £250 to donate to a charity of his choice.

A Great Knight

He announced that it would be forwarded to the Surrey Mark Festival - news well received by Bro Ian Clark (Mark Provincial Grand Master), who was present as a guest. A fine bottle of red wine was also presented to Right Worshipful Brother Ray. The evening was rounded off with a (filling) and fun Festive Board - the District Grand Prefect praising the choice of a fine steak & kidney pudding.

W.Bro. Alan Brockwell
District Grand Secretary

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Grand Council of the Allied Masonic Degrees of England and Wales and Districts and Councils Overseas, District of Surrey