Pride of Surrey Council No. 128
Official Visit by the District Grand Prefect

The Regular Meeting of the Council was held on Tuesday 4th, April 2017 at the Sutton Masonic Hall, Grove Road, Sutton, SM1 2BB, and was attended by R W Bro. Raymond Hussey, District Grand Prefect for Surrey on his Annual Official Visit & Supported by a retinue of District Grand Officers of the Year. Also in attendance was the District Grand Prefect for the Southern Counties, R W Bro. Richard Dunleavy & V W Bro. Brian Howlett, PGReg, and a Past District Grand Prefect for the Southern Counties.

The Council was opened at 5.00 pm by W Bro. Gordon Stewart, Worshipful Master.

V W Bro. Roy Leavers gave a Eulogy to W Bro. Anthony Bacheler, who was called to higher Service on the 15th, October 2016.

R W Bro. Raymond Hussey, District Grand Prefect for Surrey was received and welcomed into the Council, on this occasion, his Official Visit, he was accompanied by eleven of the District Grand Officers of the Year, including W Bro. Frank Powell, Deputy District Grand Prefect for Surrey.

The Principal business of the evening was to Admit Bro. Keith Brian Maclean. The Worshipful Master W Bro. Gordon Stewart Conferred the Degree of St. Lawrence the Martyr, with the Lecture being recited by V W Bro. Roy Leavers, in a faultless manner.

V W Bro. Brian Howlett, PDDGP for the Southern Counties, occupied the Chair and conferred the Degree of Knights of Constantinople. Whilst R W Bro. Richard Dunleavy, DGP for the Southern Counties, recited the Lecture of the Degree in a fine manner.

This being the Election of Officers meeting, and as a ballot was not called for, Bro. William Smith was declared Master Elect for the ensuing Year and W Bro. Brian Owen was declared Treasurer. Brian thanked the Brethren for their confidence in his election.

A total of twenty attended and dined, at a convivial festive board, where the usual Masonic Toasts were honoured.

The Next meeting of the Council will be the Installation meeting on Friday 2nd, June 2017.

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Grand Council of the Allied Masonic Degrees of England and Wales and Districts and Councils Overseas, District of Surrey